Margaret Fox is a retired archivist. In her role as an archivist with the National Records of Scotland, Margaret worked intimately with High Court Records and will be sharing her knowledge with us about the genealogical gems that these records provide for the family historian. 


Kevin James is a professor of history with the Scottish Studies Program at the University of Guelph. Kevin is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Kevin's presentation The Highlander and the Lad o' Pairts: Patterns of Scottish Migration to Canada will  give us a wonderful perspective into the mindset of the Scottish emigrant. 

Irene O'Brien is the Senior Archivist at the Glasgow City Archives in the Mitchell Library. Irene will be sharing the incredibly rich genealogy and social history contained within Poor Law Records. Glasgow's Poor Law records are some of the finest in the country. 

Emma and her husband Graham run the Scottish Indexes website and are working diligently to index a number of record sets available in the National Records of Scotland. Emma will be speaking about some of these records as she shares with us the genealogical information available in the Sheriff Court Records.